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We are born - on purpose - with a map or handbook made visible in our Astrological Natal Chart.

My Astrology Focus

While many astrologers focus on forecasting the future or determining partnership compatibility, my focus is on all the parts of YOU that make you the unique emanation that you are. 

 > Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Chiron, and North Node: Determine your life purpose and soul's goals for growth


 > Discover repeated messages/characteristics in your chart that point to your challenges and strengths


 > Inspire you to learn about your own chart, and provide learning materials for self-study and self-mastery


 > Create an ongoing coaching series that works from your strengths and helps you overcome your challenges.


Together we can identify where/who you want to be and how to get there.

This map encompasses all that we are - our bodies, personalities, and unique purposes for being. We experience pain, malaise, and dis-ease when we aren't living true to our purposes - that's where I come in. Using the tools of your Natal Chart and/or hands-on bodywork, I work with you to move out of pain or stuck-ness and back into the full experience of joy-filled life.

Before you're born, there's a question in the collective subconscious.
When you're born - 

you're the answer
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