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Bodywork sessions combine a customized blend of my techniques, to leave you feeling your best! Services are based on a rate of $110 per hour (changing to $130/hr Sept 1, 2023), with some exceptions. Click on "Book Now" for the complete menu with prices. 

Virtual Consult - 30 min

Custom Massage & Bodywork  60-120min


Custom sessions combine techniques to best address your needs.

  • 60-75min is best for specific problems or focus areas. Note: I do not do full-body 60-minute sessions. It's just not enough time.

  • 90-105min is standard for great full-body massage.

  • 120min is ideal for total reset & multiple modalities, like Deep Tissue massage plus Craniosacral Therapy.

Craniosacral Therapy  45-75min


Core Synchronism (the type of craniosacral I do) is a visionary "hand medicine" that aligns you from the inside out using the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) to help your skeleton shift into alignment.


Core is deeply relaxing and activates "rest & digest" mode. It realigns and relaxes all body structures - bones, muscles, organs, the brain, energy lines, and medical devices/implants. It's hard to describe, so you've got to try it for yourself!


Automate your self-care with memberships - the perfect way to take care of yourself on a monthly basis! Plus, enjoy some extra perks. 

45-min Membership - $86 /mo

60-min Membership - $115 /mo

90-min Membership - $173 /mo

105-min Membership - $202 /mo

75-min Membership - $144 /mo

What you get:


  • 1 discounted session each month at $15 off the regular price!

  • Automatic billing to your card on file (processed through Stripe)

  • 2 annual Buddy Passes: Your membership session can be given to a friend or family member up to 2 times per year. After that, you may still give your session to someone else, but the full session cost is due at checkout

  • 10% OFF 1 WEEKLY virtual consult to keep your goals on-track between visits.

  • Unused in-person sessions can roll over for up to 3 months. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Membership discount applies to 1 session per month. Any additional sessions each month are full price. 

  • Unused virtual sessions do not roll-over.



Packages can be booked in person or over the phone. Please schedule a call to get set up!

The Souljourner                                                       3 unique sessions $350  (valued at $399)


This is a deep-dive into your spirit's walk in this physical body.

Package includes:

  1. An Astrology Reading (60 min)

  2. 1 Craniosacral Session (75 minutes),

  3. ​A Plant Medicine (Hape and/or Cannabis) & CBD Massage session (90 minutes).

The Weekend Warrior                                          2 unique sessions, $380 (valued at $438)

This for folks who work hard and play hard, for outdoors-people and gym rats alike. This series will pinpoint where pain patterns originate, re-educate your muscles for optimum functioning, and visibly track your progress with photo documentation.

Package includes:

  1. 2hr Assessment & Treatment: Posture & Movement Assessments with "before" photos, detailed Home Care Plan, and Neuromuscular Bodywork treatment.

  2. 90min Follow-up: Deep Tissue & Cupping treatment plus "after" photos and complete Home Care Plan

Readings include a personalized booklet to understand the mechanics of your unique natal chart, and handouts on basic astrological interpretation. Read about my approach here

FREE Discovery Call - 15 min

Astro Coaching - 60 min, $125

Astro Coaching - 90 min, $185 

- Recommended for first session

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