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"Rei-Ki" is Japanese for Universal Life Energy. All things have this universal life force in them - living beings especially. It is the force that creates all matter and animates all life.


Some of the most true and profound healing

I've witnessed has been through Reiki.

Even though you're already a conduit for this life force, whenever you experience pain or suffering you have diminished vitality, a low flow of Reiki. A Reiki treatment reconnects you with that vital life force and clears out old, stagnant, or foreign energy. 

Clearing blockages is critical for establishing true health! Dis-eases, physical maladies, and mental/emotional challenges all originate from our subtle energy body, and express in our physical body. They call our attention to something deep in our psyche that must be healed. Reiki is especially helpful for maladies that don't respond to typical treatments.

A Reiki Treatment

The best thing about Reiki is it's versatility - there's never a bad time, place, or condition in which to do a treatment! A Reiki session with me has a similar set-up as a massage but you can be clothed. Reiki can also be performed at a distance, on pets, on objects, or for a situation.


Reiki is performed by first setting the space and inviting any helpful spiritual guides to join the process. Then I lay my hands in a specific pattern on the body, working on each major joint and chakra. As a Level Two Reiki Practitioner I have been attuned to channel the energy more clearly than an un-attuned person. Using several special Japanese characters I intuitively direct the flow of Reiki. 

Although you can't see this vital Life Force, it can be experienced in many ways. Common feelings are extra heat, tingling, small muscle jerks, or like TV static under the practitioner's hands; or wherever the energy is at work. If a specific incident, memory, or belief system is being treated you may notice emotions, physical sensations, or sounds that relate to what is being released. Or you may simply feel a sense of deep calm and peace. 

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