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Referral Network for Clients

There is nothing quite like having that all-star bodyworker that just 'gets' it - gets you, gets your body, gets how to be with your needs day by day. Each of these bodyworkers provide similar work to mine, from technical to relaxing. Every practitioner is different, and with this great group you are sure to find just the right fit for your body's needs.


Practitioners are listed by distance from Boulder. Click below to download a .pdf file with the most up-to-date Referral Network practitioners.

Angela Laurita   

By combining massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, and Reiki, Angela helps you to break the stress cycle, increase body awareness, and unlock your body's potential to self-correct and re-balance. 

2825 Marine St., Suite C, Boulder, CO, 80303

720-308-2096 (text ok)

Eli Endorses for:

Craniosacral Therapy

& Massage Cupping

Aspen Perlick

My work supports physical and mental health through neuromuscular therapy and parasympathetic nervous system activation. I practice heart- centered, energetic bodywork, focusing on connecting each person to their core, centered self.

Hours: Monday 9-6. Tuesday 2:30-6. Thursday 9-2. Friday 1-6 .


2439 Broadway St. Boulder Co 80304

Available via text at 720-363-8149
Jared Dean

My work is generally described as technical (neuromuscular, trigger point, deep tissue, etc). I am trained in Thai yoga massage, cupping, and I really enjoy practicing craniosacral therapy for deep relaxation.

Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 11-8. Friday 9-12.

2825 Marine St., Boulder, CO, 80303

Phone: 303-883-2130

Deep and technical work that integrates a multitude of energy modalities in order to help ease discomfort throughout the body and fascia.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 9-2.


3450 Penrose Pl, Suite 210 Boulder CO

Available via text at 402-937-3230
Reilly Jernigan

A mix of technical and intuitive/energetic. My work is a mix of deep, relaxing, therapeutic and just overall feel good.

Home office in South Boulder. Mobile available in Boulder County. Office in Golden

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 9-2:30. Thursday: 9-9. Friday: 9-2:30. Every other Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9-9

Available via text at 970-596-7585
Tyler Gibson

My work is a confluence of technical and energetic techniques using a myofascial approach to keep people active and help recover from recurring and acute issues.

Hours: Tuesday: 10-5, Friday: 10-5. Saturday: 11-5. (Book 2-3 weeks ahead)

1120 Apline Ave, Suite E, Boulder, CO 80503

Eli Endorses for:

Technical Expertise & Myofascial work

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