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..and you need help getting started. 

walk your mystical path with practical feet
You're a deeply-caring bodyworker on a mission to change the world...

In this 9-week small-group coaching program you'll get the support, clarity, and know-how to

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begins the week of
Limited to 6 students

If you and other students are interested in setting up a small group for this course:

In just 9 weeks you'll have:

A roadmap for the next 6 months to 1 year of steps toward your dream practice - and dream life

  • Get granular about your "perfect normal day" in the life that your practice empowers you to have

  • Set clear, timely goals to get there


A strategy to grow your practice organically, without making things weird with your friends

  • Learn the "Feedback Friends" system that I used to jumpstart my practice

  • You'll get at least 10 referrals from within your network


A solid, simple online presence

  • A Google business listing

  • At least 10 reviews on Google from people who care about your success & appreciate your work

  • Website basics: full website or just a landing page?


Actionable feedback from real clients to improve...

  • your professional skills

  • your bodywork techniques & process

  • your online business presence


Clarify your "Why"

  • why you need to share your gifts with the world

  • why you want to work for yourself

  • why your clients will love everything you offer


Clarity about money, taxes, and legal needs

  • Identify & clear your hang-ups about accepting money for your work

  • Set sustainable rates that support your dream life

  • Make your biz legally legit (even if you're not sure of the name yet)

  • TAXES!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Tools for boundaries

  • Meditations & practices to keep boundaries with yourself & clients

  • Energy hygiene for sustainable, whole-life wellbeing

  • Your best self-care routines

You'll get all that, plus a community of peers to celebrate with, lean on, and grow alongside!

Call Schedule

​Calls will be once a week on Zoom for 90 minutes. Exact dates will be decided based on members' availability

  • Week 1: Your perfect normal day

  • Week 2: Your Why

  • Week 3: Your What & Who

  • Week 4: Your What & Who

  • Week 5: Dreamlining 6-month goals

  • Week 6: How - Online Presence

  • Week 7: How - Feedback & Power Friends

  • Week 8: How - $$$

  • Week 9: How - Boundaries & self-care

Keep in mind that we will cover a ton of information, and you probably won't have everything figured out by the time the course is done. That's why you'll have a roadmap for the next 6-months to a year!


Who this is for

Massage & manual therapists who want to launch their own part- or full-time private practice. You are growth-oriented, willing to look at your blind spots, and able to take action on the topics. 

Time Agreements

  • You can commit at least 1-2 hours per week outside of calls for assignments

  • The hope is that you attend all the calls, and it is expected that you miss no more than 3. 

  • Calls will be minimum 90-minutes, and possibly longer for those with individual questions.

Energy Exchange (Beta test group)

  • This is a major investment in your future, and because you're my "beta testers" the financial commitment will be lower, only $800 (future groups will be $1,500)

  • In exchange, I ask for your:

    • written testimonials after the program is complete

    • solo video or interview sharing your experience

    • shares on your social media

    • 1-2 referrals of people you know who would love & benefit from this program

    • honest feedback about what helped and what could be improved in the program 

Coaching Banner.png

Let's do this!

Schedule a call with me to discuss the details & get you in!

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Eli McCutchen

pronouns they/she

Hi! I'm Eli and for me, bodywork is way more than a career, it's a calling. I want to support those of you who hear the call to navigate the complex logistics of our world, so you can offer the healing that people desperately need. So I'm condensing 13+ years as an LMT and 4+ years as a solopreneur to fasttrack your dreams in a fraction of the time it would take on your own.


When I left my 'real job' in 2018 to pursue my dream of private practice, I thought it would be a decade before I reached "success." I anticipated a long, hard grind before I had a closed practice with awesome clients paying top dollar for my expertise. But within just three years - including the pandemic - I am "there!" I'm excited to go to work every day, I have an office and clientele that I love, the schedule and financial freedom I craved, and I get to work at the cutting edge of my knowledge every day.


As the child of a successful businessman and a bookkeeper in Boulder, CO, I got unique experience of the fruits and pitfalls of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and exposure to world-class bodywork. But beginning my own practice was terrifying - there were so many unknowns, so much imposter syndrome, and so little available support. 


I've nearly quit many times because I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I had to do, and be, just to support myself in this work. But through steady (often blundering) persistence, continuous craft refinement, and invaluable help from many colleagues, I've been able to thrive! None of it would be possible without the examples and advice that my many colleagues, bosses, and teachers gave over the years. I am so excited to give back by paying it forward to the next generation of visionary MTs! 


Let's do this!

Schedule a call with me to discuss the details & get you in!

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