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You're a bodyworker on a mission... 

.... but you need help getting started

        ... or establishing sustainable work-life balance

1 / “The Digital Jump Start Package”

Ready to start your private practice, but terrified of the clusterf**k that the internet can be? A simple, streamlined online presence is an essential foundation for your business future. I'm here for that!

I will set you up with the essential digital foundations for success. This package includes:

  • One 90-min phone consult to understand your goals, capabilities, and needs. 

  • Online Booking System 

  • Basic website build + 45-min how-to training 

  • Google presence & integrations

  • One 60-min Social Media Consult: strategy, branding, message

  • "Feedback Friends" Manual Therapy Practice-Building System©

$925 special offer: $725  Save $200!

(Regular price: $325 consults, $500 website build + Google setup, $100 Feedback Friends© = $925 )

2 / WellMT© Support Groups


“I get by with a little help from my friends” - John Lennon

These unique peer-to-peer support groups meet every week, Monday through Thursday at 10am Mountain Time (USA).

We hold a safe, bold space for each other to talk about the many aspects of being manual therapists. Topics can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Emotional boundaries

  • Professionalism

  • Client-therapist dynamics

  • Business 

  • Energy hygiene

  • Tips, tricks, and tools of the trade

  • Self-care

  • Self-discovery

  • Health & Safety


Please note that this group is NOT led by a licensed mental health professional. It is a peer-to-peer group.

3 / One-on-one Coaching Calls $100/hr
4/ Biz Course + Small Group Coaching Program

A customized, soul-centered program for caring MTs to Walk your Mystical Path with Practical Feet!

For Massage & Manual Therapists

Let's Work Together

20180813_150824 copy2_edited_edited_edit

Hi! I'm Eli and for me, bodywork is way more than a career, it's a calling. Since you're reading this, I'm guessing it's a calling for you, too! I am here to help you navigate the complex logistics of our world so you can offer the healing that people so desperately need.

          With 13+ years as an LMT and 4+ years as a solopreneur
          I can help you fasttrack your dreams in a fraction of the
          time it would take on your own.

When I left my 'real job' in 2018 to pursue my dream of private practice, I thought it would be at least a decade before I reached "success." I anticipated a long, hard grind before I had a closed practice with awesome clients paying top dollar for my expertise.


Starting my own practice was terrifying - there were so many unknowns, so much imposter syndrome, and so little available support. 

I've nearly quit many times because I was overwhelmed     

by the sheer amount of things I had to do, and be,

just to  get by as a massage therapist.     

But through persistence, craft refinement, self-discovery, and help from others I've been able to thrive! In just three years, including the pandemic, I am "there!"...


 ....I'm excited to go to work every day,

I have an office and clientele that I love,

I have the time and financial freedom I want,

and I get to work the cutting edge of my expertise every day!


And with everything that I've learned, I'm confident I can help others reach success in a fraction of the time it took me!


None of it would be possible without the examples and advice that my many colleagues, bosses, and teachers gave over the years. I am so excited to give back by paying it forward to the next generation of visionary MTs!  

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