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How to Book & Manage Appointments Online

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Note that I tend to book up about 3 weeks out, so please plan ahead.

Booking and managing your sessions is simple with my online booking system, MassageBook! As soon as your first session is booked, you have your own account to book, reschedule, and cancel sessions.

Whether you're new or a seasoned client, this article details how to do all the fun online operations. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to understand these processes! As a one woman business it saves valuable time to focus on my clients' wellbeing.

Click to learn how to:


How to Book your First Session

  1. Go to Pro tip: Bookmark my website to find it easily in the future, and add it to your Home screen on mobile, too!

  2. Click "Book Now" in the menu at the top of the page

  3. Click the "Book Now" button

    1. You'll be redirected to my MassageBook services menu

  4. Choose your desired service from the menu:

    1. Bodywork Services (most popular)

      1. Custom Massage & Bodywork Sessions

      2. Craniosacral / Core Synchronism

    2. Coaching Services

      1. Free Discovery Call (20 minutes)

      2. Virtual Consult: Home Care Plans for stretching & goal tracking

      3. Astro Coaching

    3. Discounts & Promotions (Series of 3 or 5 sessions, $10 off full price)

    4. Membership Plans: Monthly self-care program

    5. Gift Certificates

  5. Choose the length of time you want

  6. Pick a date & time Note that I tend to be booked 3 or more weeks out

    1. Click "Looks good - let's check out"

  7. Enter your email & follow prompts to create your account. Remember to save your login information - you'll need it in the future!

  8. Optional Add-On Service Want CBD-infused lotion or oil? Click the box or just select "continue" to skip

  9. Tell me what you're looking for in the "Notes" box

  10. Review the Cancellation Policy & select "I Agree"

    1. Cancellation Policy: No-Shows and Cancellations made within 24-hours of the start time will be charged the full session cost. Some exceptions for Covid and other emergencies may be made on a case-by-case basis

  11. Pre-payment via credit card is required for your first session

    1. Tips are appreciated but NOT expected

    2. Enter credit card information

    3. Review the details and check out

  12. Confirmation Page

  1. What: session length & cost

  2. When: Date & time

  3. Where: my office address & phone number *Google Maps is wrong!

    1. Maps takes you to the street (South) side of the Wellness Center, but the free parking lot and main entrance are on the North side.

    2. TEXT 720-263-7404 WHEN YOU ARRIVE - the front door is locked at all times, so I will come pick you up.

  4. Add the session to your calendar!

    1. Scroll down on the confirmation page to add to Google, Apple, Outlook, or Yahoo calendars

  1. WAIT! Look for your name in the upper right corner of the confirmation page. Click it to see your shiny new client account!


How to Reschedule, Cancel, or Book a New Session Online

  1. Login to your MassageBook Account

Option 1: go to (remember to bookmark or add to home screen!)

Enter your login information.

Option 2: in your email inbox, search for "Eli" or "Souljourner" in the search bar.

  1. It should pull up past confirmation emails

  2. At the bottom of the email, choose "Reschedule or Cancel"

  3. Sign in

  1. Reschedule or Cancel an existing appointment

    1. In your MassageBook account, the opening page is the "My Bookings" tab.

    2. Choose the appointment you want to change, and choose "Re-Schedule" or "Cancel" and follow the next steps

  2. Book a New Session

    1. In the "My Bookings" tab, look at your upcoming or past appointments.

    2. Select "View Business" in the booking details to make a new appointment



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