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Quality bodywork is not a luxury,
it's a necessity.
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Laughing Yoga
I can’t find the words to express what a great massage Eli gave me last week!  She truly excel at what she does...  Not only did I feel great for hours afterwards, but three days later I continue to feel significant structural benefits. I’ve been to many therapists over the years but this is the first massage that truly had a lasting healing quality. Looking forward to the next session!!
-Robert A., avid cyclist & professor

Welcome to Souljourner Bodywork!

I'm Eli, a detail-oriented problem solver here to help you transform the experience in your body through hands-on manual therapies. I'm also a mentor and coach to new massage therapists.



Advanced myofascial bodywork: Correct chronic pain patterns

                 and re-educate muscle groups to avoid injury and surgery.

                 Myofascial and Neuromuscular therapies reorganize the

                 connective tissues that dictate movement, and engage the

                 nervous system to actively release stuck tissues. 


Craniosacral Therapy: Heal physical, emotional, and spiritual

                 challenges by entering the liminal space that spans your

                 waking and subconscious selves. Craniosacral bridges

                 physical bodywork and energy work to reconnect with your

                 vital life energy.

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