Covid-19 Bodywork Practice Updates

Updated June 15th, 2021 See Colorado's guidelines here
As a healthcare worker, I am committed to keeping you safe and healthy. I follow Boulder County and the CO Dept of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Covid guidelines, which are more relaxed now that vaccines are widely available. Clients who are still at risk, or concerned about putting loved ones at risk, are encouraged to wait to come in until they feel more comfortable. 

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made within 24 hours of a session start time will be charged the full session fee. It is difficult to fill a cancelled time slot, and causes financial strain.

  • COVID & illness exception: Clients (and myself) have the right to cancel a session at any time due to illness. Such cancellations will not be charged the cancellation fee.

  • If you come to your appointment with any symptoms of illness, the session will be cancelled & rescheduled. ​


Thank you for understanding that as a sole proprietor every minute counts.

Let's each do our best to take care of ourselves and each other!

Before the session

  • The Marine Street Wellness Center front door is locked at this time - Please text or call when you arrive. I may not be available until the session start time.​

  • Face masks are required inside the Wellness Center. Fully vaccinated clients may choose to wear or remove masks inside the treatment room. I will continue to wear a face mask to be on the safe side. 

  • Covid questionnaire is no longer required before each session

During the session 

  • Temperature checks and hand sanitization are ongoing​​​

  • I may request that your mask be worn during neck, jaw, and facial work.

After the session

  • As is always protocol, I meticulously wash hands, forearms, and elbows

  • The post-session treatment plan happens as per usual.

  • High-touch surfaces disinfected between sessions

    • tabletops, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, face cradle, bolster, and all massage equipment.

  • Laundry is washed at the end of every day

    • Sheets and blankets are immediately replaced after each session (this is always standard)

I greatly look look forward to "touching base" and sharing the healing power of touch during these stressful times.