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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What is the Heluar Empowerment Group?

        It's a small group of peers who share similar interests around personal and spiritual growth, and "walking your talk." We meet on a weekly basis to discuss issues or problems we are facing, brainstorm solutions, celebrate victories, and support each other in our growth.

        The idea is similar to a Mastermind group which is "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony." (-Napoleon Hill). When two or more minds come together they create a third invisible, intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind, (the mastermind). But whereas a Mastermind group is primarily focused on entrepreneurial development, Heluar groups develop your heart & soul; to help your inner voice (your spirit) speak louder in your life, actions, and relationships. Additionally, these groups are not only for personal gain, but so that our families, communities, and world may also get better. 


2. How will I benefit?

        As a member you tap into the wisdom of a group of fellow people who want to make meaningful shifts in their lives, and to live on purpose. With a small, consistent group you are surrounded with like-minded people who understand your journey and encourage your growth and actualization. Think of it as a safe space with a group of friends and "accountabilibuddies." You’re exposed to different perspectives, and draw on diverse skills and experiences. You get insights, support, solve problems, and are held accountable. You benefit by learning to listen to your gut, getting inspired, and making better decisions.


3. How is an Heluar Group Different from Group Coaching?

        This group is about members supporting, sharing, reflecting, and going deep with each other. Members share their advice, problem-solving, and feedback. It's about each member bringing their own aspirations & challenges to the group and addressing them, and the rest of the group brainstorms solutions, sets goals and keeps each other accountable. The facilitator is there to keep the meeting on track and the conversation flowing between all members.

        Group coaching, on the other hand, is centered around a coach. The coach will work with one or two individuals and their issues, while the others listen and sometimes chime in. The issues raised may not be relevant to others in the group, and they may or may not get personal help. 

4. What happens during "Lua Nova" Nights?

        Lua Nova nights happen once a month on the meeting date closest to the new moon of that month. These special 'events' (2.5 hours) are deep dives into the archetypal wisdom shared in astrology and how you can best work with those energies to sow, grow, and harvest in life. Energetically, new moons are a great time to make "a laundry list for Spirit," to reflect, and to set intentions that will grow over the coming lunar cycles. Each new moon is in a different astrology sign, and the Lua Nova boxes provide ways to engage with the energy of each new moon for the mind, the body, and the soul. 

        During the Lua Nova night, Eli will facilitate and group members will participate using the supplies in the Lua Nova boxes. The box is purchased separately and shipped to each member several days before the regular Zoom call on the week of the New Moon. Members are encouraged to look over the materials, and set up a special ceremonial space or altar that invites the energies of the astrological sign. If time allows, you may want to make dinner with the provided recipe.


5. Do I Have to Know or "be into" Astrology to Join?

Nope! Astrology novices and nerds are both welcome - no previous experience is necessary, though an open mind is required.

6. Where, when, and for how long do you meet?

        Regular group video calls are held on Zoom once a week for 90-minutes. Members may use the Zoom app for video on their computers or phones, or call in with a regular phone call to the Zoom number provided. Eli will email the Zoom link well ahead of the meeting. Once a month, on Lua Nova nights, that call is 2.5 hours, and is more structured than the other weeks.  

        Because the actual date of the new moon changes, we observe it during our regularly scheduled call on the date closest to the new moon. For example: if the new moon happens on a Monday & our calls are on Wednesdays, we'll observe that new moon on Wednesday. If the new moon is on a Saturday, we'll observe it the previous Wednesday. 


7. What commitment do you expect from me?

        It's expected that members will prioritize and schedule around the weekly calls. We encourage you to spend a little time preparing before each call - reflecting on the past week & taking notes on your shifts, accomplishments, and challenges. On Lua Nova nights you may want to make a meal from the recipe (in the box), and have your tea and sacred space prepared for the evening. Time will be provided during Lua Nova nights for reflection & journaling. 

8. What if I miss a meeting?

        Members are allowed to miss up to one meeting per month. Nothing is needed to make up that call, though if a Lua Nova call is missed it's highly encouraged that you do a self-led reflection ceremony at home with the Lua Nova box materials. 

9. How many people are in the group?

        There are only five participants and the facilitator, Eli, for a total of six. 

10. Who is the ideal member? Who should not join the group?

        The ideal member is aware that they exist for a reason(s), but may not be sure what that reason is or how to get there. They believe that they are one important thread in the tapestry of humanity, and want to live life on purpose. They perceive that there is an intangible force or consciousness at play in the universe, and may have a spiritual practice. They are eager to learn about the wisdom traditions of other peoples & cultures, and to live more in touch with their inner voice or higher self. The ideal member has some stability in life - developmental, emotional, spiritual, and/or material, and would like to develop more inner or outer stability & abundance. 


        This group is NOT for you if: you have a closed mind to people who don't think / speak / act / believe the same things you do, or if you want to convert others to your way of being... this is not the group for you. 


11. Are There Rules? What About & Confidentiality?

        The only rules are that you commit to the group, and agree to keep everything that happens in the group in the group space. To maintain a safe space we agree not to share personal details or identifying information outside of the group. All members will sign an agreement on this. 

        During the first meeting we will determine the group norms & guidelines that will hold us through the duration of the group. These norms act as the behavioral 'rules' or contract agreed upon by all members. 

12. What is Eli's background as a facilitator? Why do you do this?

        My calling in life is to help people connect with their higher selves, to facilitate communication, and to be a catalyst for peace. For more than 11 years my work has focused on healing the body through massage therapy, engaging the mind through astrology, and bringing a greater state of be-ing in the Spirit though experiential groups & retreats​ for youth and adults. 

        I earned my undergraduate degree in Adventure Education, which focused on Experiential Education & group facilitation in a wilderness or adventure setting (like a ropes course) in 2014. I worked as a guide for youth and young adults in summer camps and wilderness therapy programs for nearly 6 years. After that, I served as the Director of Youth Ministries at First Cong. Church in Boulder for three years. There, I created year-long curriculum for high school, middle school, and confirmation programs, up to 5 regional retreats per year, and a week-long summer service learning trip for high schoolers. I also led groups for parents & adult volunteer teachers. 

        Even before completing my Undergrad, I became a Massage Therapist in 2009 and have been practicing ever since. Around 2012 I began a deep exploration with astrology, learning alongside my teacher, Jeanny Russell, and independent study. With the opening of Souljourner in 2018 I included monthly New Moon gatherings and astrology-inspired New Years retreats (Soulstice Vision). 

13. What does it cost? Do you have a payment plan?

        Each meeting is $35 per person, billed at the beginning of the month through a Quickbooks invoice. The monthly total is $140 or $175 depending on the number of weeks in the month. The Lua Nova boxes are an additional cost (mostly for materials) and are required 1x per month. Exact cost will be determined by the first meeting on July 1, 2020. Parts of the boxes can be available for download in digital form for reduced price. 

        Please do not let finances deter you from participating. Just give me a call or send an email and we'll work something out. Payment plans may be available.

Discounted Services: Heluar members receive a 31% discount on all Souljourner services (bodywork, astrology readings) and products. 

Social & Environmental Responsibility: 7% of proceeds for calls & Lua Nova Boxes will be donated to a different non-profit each month. Non-profits are chosen based on their social- and ecological-justice mission, to promote well-being of minorities / oppressed groups and humanity's relationship with the Earth. 


14. How do I register for the group?


           Click here -->

15. What happens after I join?

        When you register, you'll fill in an intake form that will give Eli your birthdate information for astrological charts, and info about your personal goals & challenges in meeting them. 


You will receive an email with the 4-month meeting calendar, an invitation to the Heluar Google Calendar, and other information for next steps. The first meeting is for introductions, group norm-setting, and a get-to-know-you activity. Before each of the meetings, you’ll get an email with the Zoom meeting link. 



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